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The Chef

I am not selling food. I am simply sharing my story, my lifestyle, and my ever-evolving relationship with food as well as my triumph of ending a 20-year battle with obesity.

Hi! I am Janette "Puttie" Clark. Before I became a chef, I was you. Tired. Confused. Body feeling abused. Today, I am still you. However, I am energized, clear, and feeling better than ever! I didn't use a magic pill, a special book, or top-level professionals to where I am today; rather, it was a shift in thinking, the feeling of being at the bottom, and the desire to try and succeed that changed the trajectory of my life.


I am here to share my story, culinary skills, and expertise on becoming the happiest, healthiest you yet.



Simple, quality ingredients, founded with purpose, passion, and the universal love of pancakes, was the dream born in the heart of Janette Clark. Janette Clark is a celebrity chef who was propelled into the world of cooking because of her gift bringing joyful smiles to kitchen tables all over the world through good, old-fashioned home cooking.

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